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Endeavour Awards 2022: Safety Solution of the Year — Pilz Australia

Endeavour Awards Safety Solution of the Year: Pilz Australia

PILZ Australia won this coveted award for its safety solution for the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE), housed in the multi-award-winning Tyree Energy Technologies Building (TETB) of the University of New South Wales.

The leader in automation technology was engaged to supply, design, build, install and commission a SIL 2 Life Safety System that includes new safety PLC panels and connection to all in-field safety devices such as floor leak detectors, oxygen depletion sensors, toxic gas monitors, emergency stops, fume cupboards, emergency eye wash/showers and airflow velocity sensors, but also with a comprehensive SCADA system.

In the past, SPREE managed a simpler LSS system that had no connection to mechanical systems thus, limiting its monitoring function to ensuring air exchange rates are observed in the event of an exhaust or mechanical failure.

The goal was to replace SPREE’s base-built, restrictive LSS which had limited monitoring and coverage of critical engineering safety controls. Pilz met the mission of increasing the usability of the laboratories with a greater level of user safety without the need to reduce access to other parts of the building.

A Pilz Australia spokesperson said being awarded the Safety Solution of the Year brings a great sense of achievement for the team.

“The solution would have not been possible without the hard work by many in Pilz,” they said.

“The award also recognises that the safety solutions we provide to our customers are of winning qualities. This speaks volumes as to how much value we put in the work we do – products, services and engineering.”

The Life Safety System consists of 56 safety PSSu PLC’s, 10 PSSu Remote IO devices, all networked together across 7 floors and accessible via 8 HMIs running a customised SCADA system providing interaction and data on over 1200 safety devices, ventilation systems, alarms, and event logs.

“The Pilz SIL2 Life Safety System was arguably one of the biggest and the most complex system Pilz has been involved with in its many years of business in Australia. The solution monitors over 1200 sensors and interacts with the Building Management System (BMS) to keep people in the building safe based on safety requirements specifications and a Cause-and-E¬ffect Matrix.

“It also monitors safe working conditions in multiple rooms and laboratories over 7 levels of the building. The system has level-by-level independence which addresses safety concerns without the need to interfere with the operation of other laboratories, classrooms, and common areas of the building.”

The integrated system allowed SPREE to maximise resources and reduce cost by conducting integrated audits and assessments, helping them use their resources the best
way possible.

The new system also offers a more efficient and productive day-to-day operational use. It offers a user-friendly monitoring system that provides positive impacts on specific management system components such as improvement in quality, safety, risk, and productivity.

Today, after more than a year from the project completion since 11 May 2021, SPREE’s staff and students feel more confident and safer when conducting ground- breaking research and experiments with the new Life Safety System.

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