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Endeavour Awards 2022: Excellence in Growth — REDARC Electronics

Endeavour Awards 2022: Excellence in Growth — REDARC Electronics

To meet demand, REDARC Electronics have almost doubled employee numbers since 2019. At the 2022 Endeavour Awards, the company won the well-deserved Excellence in Growth award. 

Well placed to continue this momentum, REDARC is fast becoming the market leader in off-grid power and monitoring for any moving vehicle that uses battery power including cars, boats, rail, trucks, mining equipment, bus and emergency vehicles in Australia, Europe and USA.

REDARC is a 100 per cent Australian-owned and managed designer and advanced manufacturer of market-leading electronic power and control systems.

A combination of focused strategy, ongoing product innovation and advanced manufacturing capability has propelled REDARC to being a market leader supplying the global OEM, automotive aftermarket and RV industries.

REDARC’s Lachlan Wray explained that Innovation, a culture of process improvement along with investment in new manufacturing techniques and machinery are considerable investment for any business.

“Winning an Endeavour Award validates this approach and sets and even stronger foundation for future investment and growth, whilst motivating employees, our business partners and highlighting to current and future customers that we are a valued and respected business,” he said.

To cater for growing demand in the global aftermarket industry, REDARC had to expand the production capabilities of many of our most popular products.

In February 2021, a new Print and Apply System was installed into the Electric Brake Controller Production Cell. The introduction of this system brought about a significant decrease in label related production downtime brought about by fluctuation in variables like label adhesion, label to label pitch and factory humidity to which the old system was unable cope with. This system is being used to place labels reliably and automatically on each electric brake controller that is manufactured at REDARC.

New products and programs were able to further take advantage of this surge in demand. The new REDARC REDNetwork certified installer program was launched in 2021 to provide additional installation support and training for the aftermarket industry.

The new GoBlock portable dual battery system was also released in this time. The perfect blend of rugged simplicity and technical capability, the GoBlock was destined to perform well in a market demanding more ways to improve their outdoor travel experience. As the world’s first portable dual battery system, the GoBlock requires zero installation, making it an attractive option for those with less experience or those that would prefer not to modify their vehicle.

When REDARC’s products were paired with a powerful eCommerce platform, the Australian company led the charge on allowing Australians to shop and add to their off-grid setups without having to leave their home.

With growth, REDARC saw continued investment into people and resources, creating capability in-house in 2019 for REDARC to launch its Defence arm, REDARC Defence & Space Pty Ltd.

Growing its business in the defence market has seen REDARC supply battery monitoring and power management solutions to defence platforms globally.

Its capabilities in innovation and R&D coupled with advanced manufacturing and testing facilities – which included a significant capital expansion and upgrades that took place in 2018 worth $22m – has positioned the company to support specific defence requirements.

“REDARC’s significant investment is reflected internally, with manufacturing backed by the best people, technology, research and development.

“REDARC not only employs over 350 people nationally and internationally but has a team of over 50 full time in-house engineers that bring decades of experience in a range of design, development, manufacturing, testing and validation fields. The future holds plans to continue to build on this investment, framing our targeted audiences & industries around global demand for mobile power,” Wray said.

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