Endeavour Awards 2022: Environmental Solution of the Year — Curvecrete

Environmental Solution of the Year — Curvecrete

Established in 2019 through the support of the University of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology, curved concrete and robotics manufacturing company, Curvecrete, was founded by CEO Daniel Prohasky and CFO Warren Rudd.

Prohasky’s love for the idea of creating exciting architecture, to construct high-quality buildings using low-carbon, and less wasteful materials drove the creation of the new advanced manufacturing company.

The robotic concrete moulding technique was originally invented by Paul Loh, David Legget, and Prohasky at the University of Melbourne. It produced bespoke curved concrete panels – making a simpler, faster, zero-waste production process.

Curvecrete’s curved concrete panels use 87 per cent lower-carbon emitting geopolymer concrete utilising coal-fired power plant waste by-product fly ash and blast furnace slag from steel manufacturing processes.

“With the addition of alkali activators, Curvecrete are able to create a product with equivalent structural properties to Portland cement-based concrete, faster, and with a higher quality finish,” he added. “We produce our curved panels on our zero-waste curvy robot production process.”

“This advanced method allows us to introduce intricate textures that are easy to fabricate, cost-effective, and add a tactile dimension to our projects. As local manufacturers, we ensure that all our low-carbon concrete products have strict quality control, providing engineering and manufacturing specifications meeting Australian standards.

“If all concrete was made using our material, 7 per cent of all global CO2 emissions would not be emitted and, if it was made using our robotic method, 220,000,000 tonnes of casting waste would not be wasted.”

To learn more about Curvecrete, visit here.

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