Endeavour Awards 2022: Best Industrial IoT Application — Roobuck

Endeavour Awards 2022: Best Industrial IoT Application — Roobuck

Roobuck is a leading provider of Mining Cap Lamps, Safety Signal Lights, other Explosion-proof products and MineIoT Solutions.

Roobuck’s IoT Safety and Operations Solution featuring a cordless IoT WiFi/ BLE cap lamp and supporting device management platform is designed for ease of complex and customisable integration into mining automation and enhanced safety projects.

The cordless cap lamp is multifunctional and provides a powerful light source to underground miners while functioning as a tracking tag, zoning alert, kiosk sign-in tool, upstream emergency alert/panic button, large-scale data acquisition tool and highly customisable mine systems integration bridge.

By using non-proprietary de facto industry standard IoT messaging protocols such MQTT/JSON, the Roobuck IoT cap lamp and Roobuck IoT configurator (RIoTC) have been designed to be a part of the collaborative METS sector ecosystem.

By working together, Australian and international METS companies can provide more advanced, project/site-specific IoT solutions to smart mines to improve site safety, productivity and efficiency.

Dane Zielinski-Nicolson, research and development manager, said it was a great honour to receive the award for Best Industrial IoT Application.

“Our R&D and production teams have worked extremely hard to design, test and deploy the hardware used in conjunction with our software package,” he said.

“Our IoT Safety/Operations Solution aims to increase the safety of miners working underground and improve the productivity of mine site operations and efficiency of METS technology integration projects.

“Our cordless IoT cap lamps allow for tracking and highly customisable two-way signalling, allowing for site specific solutions to digitalise their operations. We want to work together with METS technology partners to expand the capabilities and reach of both of our solutions through joint collaborations using our scalable and versatile IoT products.”

Through a combination of IoT cordless WiFi/BLE cap lamps, the RIoTC device management emergency alert platform, and MQTT/JSON based third party integrations, the Roobuck IoT safety and operations solution is successfully improving the efficiency and safety of underground hard rock mines.

By reducing idle time of key equipment and personnel, significant cost-savings can be achieved, according to Zielinski-Nicolson.

“The solution minimises critical time wastage due to the limited communication and tracking capabilities of existing operations,” he said.

“The Roobuck cordless IoT WiFi/BLE cap lamp enables underground mines to make significant improvements to the productivity and efficiency of operations by reducing the amount of confirmation/wait time of personnel underground.”

Personnel can be tracked entering and exiting cross-cut entries and stopes via BLE beacons being scanned by the lamps and forwarded to the control room via WiFi. Any individuals within blast or drill zones can be notified to leave the area prior to firing via
flash sequences of the cap lamp sent via WiFi.

This enables a significantly faster notification and response time when compared to direct ultra high frequency (UHF) radio based communication. Firing or drilling can be done safely when all signed in underground personnel are accounted for in real time in an enterprise tracking platform.

The safety of personnel working underground is enhanced by allowing them to send and receive emergency alerts with location information attached.

Emergency alerts can be delivered rapidly to all underground personnel within WiFi network range, and their location and delivered timestamp is forwarded to an enterprise tracking platform.

Individual contact base pages can be sent to specific personnel or work groups with customisable flash patterns to fit with the policies and procedures of a specific site. Flash patterns are customised by adjusting the duty cycle, frequency and duration of the main LED lighting cycle.

If work scheduling changes are required due to any unforeseen circumstances, individuals and work groups in range of a WiFi network can be instantaneously made aware to contact the control room without triggering a site wide emergency evacuation.

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