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Endeavour Awards 2011 Finalists: Most Innovative Company 1961-2011

Congratulations to the finalists of Manufacturers’ Monthly‘s special 50th Anniversary Endeavour Award – celebrating the Most Innovative Manufacturing Company 1961-2011.

The Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award was developed to celebrate Manufacturers’ Monthly‘s 50th anniversary this year. The Award recognises Australian manufacturing companies that are true market-leaders in their field.

The team at Manufacturers’ Monthly would like to wish the following finalist companies ‘good luck’. The Award winners will be revealed at the 8th Annual Endeavour Awards ceremony in Melbourne on 25 May 2011, during National Manufacturing Week. 


ANCA was formed in 1974 by two founders, and has since expanded to 280 employees Australia-wide. Specialising in CNC controllers, along with Tool and Cutter Grinders, ANCA provides solutions for complex applications. ANCA cultivates an innovative culture to engage customers. It is a complex and robust manufacturer that aspires to be a global leader in technology and sales. 


Formed in 1988, Austal makes customised aluminium vessels for commercial and defence applications. The company has delivered more than 200 vessels to 37 countries, and employs 750 people in Australia and 2,500 worldwide. It operates four shipyards and service centres around the world. Austal wants to expand its presence in the defence and commercial markets.

Byron Group

Byron Group began operations in 1963 and focused on quality sheet metal products, building all the masts for Australian and French 12-metre yachts in the America’s cup series, and supporting Qantas for Aircraft parts. Today it operates out of four manufacturing facilities in Sydney, with workshops around the country, and sales offices overseas. The firm has recently expanded into emergency services and airline support.


In 1999, COLIT – trading as Punch-IT Systems – was developed in Victoria by two machine operators. It sold Integra Tooling Systems’ world-first linear high-speed coil punching lines, called Punch-IT. In 1999 an alliance was formed with Union Steel and resulting in a division called UniBlanks to sell added-value products to existing customers, which now includes metal processing services.

LyondellBasell Australia 

LyondellBasell Australia was established in 2007 by a merger of Basell and Lyondell, with manufacturing sites in Clyde and Geelong. The company employs 153 workers in Australia, with 38 operators at the Clyde site. LyondellBasell manufactures 51 homopolymer and impact copolymer grades and continues to develop new offerings. Future markets include coal and gas, and refineries.


Marand Precision Engineering was formed in 1969 by an ex General Motors Holden toolmaker and tool room supervisor. In the beginning Marand focused on making tools for the Australian automotive industry, however in the mid-1980s demand lessened so Marand diversified into steel, mining, rail and aerospace. Marand forecasts to be Australia’s largest supplier to the Joint Strike Fighter defence program with a possible $1.5 billion in contracts.

Robotic Automation

In 1988 Robotic Automation (RA) was born, with manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand. It manufactures turn-key automated solutions for traditional manufacturing companies. RA integrates robotics with its own custom-built end-of-arms (EOAT) tools, and other automation equipment to engineer an integrated solution that aids the process in a production line. 

Stikki Products

In 1976 a small Australian-owned, family business was formed in Cheltenham, Victoria. The company now has 22 employees producing products with paper and adhesive, including carbon neutral paper sticky notes, note pads and highlighted tape. Stikki designs for the Australian market and sells to business and consumer customers. In 2009, Stikki was the first to launch Australian carbon neutral paper sticky notes in Australia. 

TRI- Nature

In 1989 the Tri-Nature was formed to bring the marketplace natural solutions for industrial, household, and personal care. Tri-Nature manufactures on-site in Kooragang, NSW. It carries in excess of 200 products for home and family care, including cleaning, laundry, kitchen care and body care. Tri Nature was the first company to manufacture a phosphate-free powder for laundry. Finding ‘friendlier’ alternatives for the environment and safety gives Tri Nature an edge. 

Washers and Stamped Components Australia

Washers and Stamped Components Australia (WASCA) is a third-generation family business established in 1964 in Springvale, Victoria, manufacturing washers and stamped components. It has since increased its capabilities to parts in rubber, fibre and other materials. WASA uses CAD systems to assist its design, producing an array of fasteners, from just about any material.

O-I Asia Pacific

O-I Asia Pacific, a glass packaging supplier producing 100% locally-made products, was born in 1980. The company has 14 glass plants and one mould shop across Australia, New Zealand, China and Indonesia. It specialises in glass packaging for the beer, wine, spirit, non-alcoholic beverage, food, ready-to-drink and pharmaceutical markets. Innovation and design are of upmost importance to O-I.

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