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Endeavour Awards 2011 Finalists: Global Integration Award

Congratulations to all five companies who have been named Finalists in the 2011 Endeavour Awards – Global Integration Award category. Read on for the full list.




ANCA is a global company with 17 offices scattered throughout the world. ANCA’s biggest markets are China, USA, and Germany with significant machine sales in other countries around the world. Over the last 36 years of operation, ANCA has sold over 3,500 machines worldwide.

Since its introduction of the MX7 into the global marketplace, ANCA has seen increased sales profit, turnover and employment levels. With increase global sales, ANCA has planned and invested within the Bayswater plant to increase production to meet the high export demand. 

The company expects even further doubling growth in sales with at least 200 machines sold in the next financial year. This prediction comes from an already strong order book and large order of 50 MX7’s to China to be delivered to China at the end of the year. 

The growth of the MX7 has seen a revenue contribution of just $10 million in financial year 2009, an expected $35 million this year and a predicted $70 million next year. 


Aunew Group Holdings

One Stop Manufacturing and Export To China with Distribution Channels/Franchised Program

Aunew has successfully implemented a ‘one-stop-shop manufacturing and export to China’ system, with distribution channels and a franchised program in the area. The company has taken the One Stop Export to China set-up even further, by officially launching its franchising program at CISMEF (China Int’l SME Fair) last September in Guangzhou, China. At present there are over 20 stores being built in major cities in China. 

Aunew has built-up a unique and workable system which is able to provide full service to its clients, starting from design and contract manufacturing the products for the customers, all the way to warehousing the finished products.

The company provides export regulation and registration, export marketing and promotion, shipment arrangements to overseas destinations, import customs clearance, bonded warehouse storage, repackaging and reprocessing, sales in its franchised stores and established distribution channels at the destinations. 


Heat Treatment Australia

Aerospace and Defence Special Processing

Heat Treatment Australia has applied its expertise and knowledge to the aerospace, defence and medical industries by providing solutions to supply chain gaps within the Australian industry for international markets. 

The company has invested in human resources, intensive technological upgrades in capital equipment and continuous quality improvement programs which have laid foundations for the future whilst propelling Heat Treatment Australia to the forefront of the Australian thermal processing industry. 

Engagement with Australian engineering companies, government departments, industry bodies and international prime OEM’s propelled Heat Treatment Australia to develop internationally-recognised standards in excellence, culminating in the prestigious Nadcap Accreditation for special thermal processes being awarded in 2009. 

In 2010 the scope of the Nadcap accreditation was increased to incorporate several other processes enabling Australian industry to broaden the types of component manufacture able to be processed in the country. HTA also meets other international standards.


Ronston International

Global Integration 

Since 1960, Ronson International has positioned itself as a key player in the international sailboat hardware market, with offices in six countries, customers in 40 countries and major suppliers in ten countries. Ronston has 55 employees overseas and has further ten employees in Melbourne who visit overseas markets on a regular basis. 

Opportunities have been identified, distributors has been established and changed, offices have been set up and the brand and products have been marketed through a program of direct market visits and trade show participation over a period of forty years. Ronstan currently has 55 employees overseas and has a further 10 employees in Melbourne who visit overseas markets on a regular basis.

In developing Ronstan’s supply chain arrangements, the company has made direct investment in two manufacturing operations in Denmark, a manufactured product line in the USA and company owned distribution offices in the USA, UK and Denmark. 


Quickstep Holdings

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Manufacturing Program

Quickstep Holdings is an Australian-listed company which is at the forefront of advanced materials manufacturing and technology transfer for the global aerospace and defence industries. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is the largest military aerospace program in the world, currently valued at in excess of US$300 billion worldwide. 

As a partner country in the JSF program, Australia has a requirement that a proportion of JSF manufacturing be completed locally. Quickstep commenced targeting JSF manufacturing contracts in June 2009, and in November 2009 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with lead JSF contractors, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, for the supply of up to $700 million of components over 22 years. 

Quickstep then immediately embarked on a program to prepare its manufacturing facility for JSF manufacturing, with Northrop Grumman stipulating that Quickstep must be fully enabled to manufacture demonstration and qualification panels for JSF by October 2010. 

Quickstep has since met every interim deadline set by Northrop Grumman, and in February 2010 signed a Long Term Agreement providing a formal framework for the supply of JSF components.



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