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Endeavour Awards 2011 Finalists: Australian Steel Innovation Award

Congratulations to all four companies who have been named Finalists in the 2011 Endeavour Awards – Australian Steel Innovation Award category. Read on for the full list.


Fast ‘n’ Fun (in association with Mini Driveway Grader & Earthworks)


The TA-37 was designed to fill a hole in the market for a combination of utilities specifically for the property maintenance market.

The machine is a vehicle that functions as an all-in-one grader, mower, loader and dozer, that was developed to service Fast ‘n’ Fun and Mini Driveway Grader and Earthworks. 

The steel used to manufacture the TA-37 was bought from JH Stephenson & Son (approximately 70%), which sources from Blue Scope Steel, along with Surdex Steel and Breakwater Meataland. 

The TA-37 was manufactured using approximately 70 to 80% of roll-form steel, resulting in no fixed lengths so there is little wastage. With short production time, the machine uses 17 metres of roll-form steel. It can take approximately two minutes to roll form this length and one working day to produce 4,000 metres, which can create 235 machines. 


J. Smith & Sons

Smith B-Double FLATPACK Car Carrier 

J. Smith & Sons’ Smith FLATPACK B-Double Car Carrier is manufactured from 100%-Australian steel, and represents the future of the car carrying industry globally. 

The B-Double Trailer has a number of hydraulically-operated tracks and decks that enable operators to lift, transfer and store up to 11 vehicles for transit via remote control, at ground level. 

The operator lowers the decks to approximately one-and-a-half meters above ground level; they then drive vehicles onto the necessary trailer deck via loading ramps at the rear of the trailer, one at a time. After securing the vehicle, they proceed to move the vehicle into its final travel position from the ground using remote control. 

According to the manufacturer, this significantly improves operator safety, eliminating the need for them to work at height while also keeping them a safe distance away from potential falling loads. 

In addition to the safety benefits, the FLATPACK has improved payload flexibility by having an Open Deck design, meaning decks can be packed closer together.

Company profits have increased significantly, allowing for re-investment back into the research and development of both smaller and larger Car Carrying units. 


J. Smith & Sons 

Smith Mk4 Hydrapede Dolly 

The Smith Hydrapede project was inspired by a noticeable gap in the mine haulage equipment market. The increasing incidence of satellite mines across Australia meant there was a need for vehicles that are capable of hauling large amounts of resource over long distances.

It was noted that few alternatives to standard rear-dump mining trucks existed. Therefore, the mining industry was limited to using vehicles with wide bodies which demand larger, more expensive road infrastructure and maintenance regimes, that provide only short distance haulage capabilities due to large tyres. 

The Smith Hydrapede has been designed with these limitations in mind, and additionally, to provide increased payload and faster average haulage speeds. The Hydrapede is made from 100%-Australian steel which is supplied by OneSteel Steel and Tube. The Smith Mk4 Hydrapede has four key advantages over other alternatives including: high payload of 400t; narrow build; fast average hauling speed; and long distance haulage capability. 

The high payload capacity increases operational efficiencies and the narrow build decreases the required road width, thus decreasing infrastructure costs. The faster average hauling speed further improves operational efficiencies and the long distance haulage capability makes what was previously not possible, according to the company. 


COLIT T/A Integra Unlimited

Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Pump stand and enclosure

Integra was engaged to manufacture prototypes from an existing design for a new High Pressure Water Jet cutting pump stand and steel enclosure. 

Upon closer review of the design, the engineering team at Integra advised its customer that there were much more cost-effective ways of manufacturing the stand, through a combination of more suitable and sustainable uses of Australian steel, design and manufacturing innovations. 

Integra was then engaged to re-engineer the design by applying their design for manufacture knowledge and experience. Throughout this process, Integra also applied new and innovative manufacturing methodologies and techniques that drove down the cost of production markedly. 

The strengths and thickness of material was taken into consideration, which also contributed to significant added value and cost savings for the customer. 

The original stand was designed with a large amount of welding of tubing and connection of a high number of components, and in the end through re-engineering and application of design for manufacture the production of the stand was reduced down to two steel sections punched and folded that were connected with fasteners and minimal welding required. 

Integra now manufactures and assembles water jet pump enclosures for this customer, who doesn’t use any other suppliers. The innovative re-design of the stand compliments the overall revolutionary pump positioning, according to the company.

Image from Headland Machinery.



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