Endeavour Award Winner Profiles – Bryan Emmerson

Bryan Emmerson has helped create significant value, both for his employer and for the red meat industry.

The young engineer has displayed exceptional proficiency in a number of areas, and was put forward for three projects he helped complete in his first 18 months.

These were a “3D modeling project for the Red Meat Industry”, “iPad Apps for the Red Meat industry”, and “Product development of Bandsaw operator aid for the Red Meat Industry to reduce the risk of serious injury”.

“The judges were impressed by the broad range of Bryan Emmerson’s achievements, particularly his 3D modelling project for the Red Meat Industry,” the Endeavours’ panel commented in their judgement.

In the modelling project, Emmerson researched and utilised commercially available 3D modeling software to create 3D models of meat cuts, primal and carcasses. 

The ability to produce these 3D models has supported and assisted MAR with the development, adoption and commercialisation of automation within the Red Meat processing through enabling 3D models to be created and used for the design of automation components, and through enabling 3D models to be created for use in presentations, documentation, 3D layouts and simulations.

The iPad Apps for the Red Meat industry effort increased adoption of MAR robot systems developed for the red meat industry and has driven a need for improved technical support and management mechanisms.

As a result, Bryan developed three iPad applications aimed at providing support to management and maintenance staff by enabling them to successfully keep their systems functioning with minimum assistance from MAR service. The three apps developed are

• Red Meat Remote – suitable for enabling management to monitor the robot system remotely;

• Red Meat Service Tool – enables maintenance staff to report issues and send to MAR via email complete with video, photos and faults logs from the robots; and

• Red Meat HMI APP – allows maintenance staff to constantly monitor the cell and quickly identify any issues.

The other project was in product development of Bandsaw operator aid for the Red Meat Industry to reduce the risk of serious injury. Emmerson further developed early generation software for Bladestop to the point where the Bladestop product has now been commercialised.

BladeStop reduces the risk of serious injury by mechanically stopping a bandsaw blade when the unit senses a person has come in contact it.

Upon sensing contact with the operator, the blade stops operating within 15 milliseconds – which can make a huge difference between just having a small skin cut and an amputated finger.

All of these projects, said MAR, showed “a high degree of initiative, innovation, and technical competence under the guidance of senior MAR Automation Engineers”.

Under the mentorship of Project Engineers and the Electrical Engineering Manager, Emmerson carried out tasks including design a functional specification; designing panel layouts for enclosures, control stations and terminal boxes; designing and producing electrical circuits using AutoCad – ElecDes; carrying out PLC, HMI, Robotic, Vision & SCADA programming; researching the use of new products including how they work and technical information re-implementation; and installing and commission projects, locally, interstate and international when required.

Asked what might be done to grow innovative companies such as MA&R, the company’s Thomas Hughes (accepting the award on Emmerson’s behalf) said that “…it comes back to the grass roots of manufacturing and what the industry needs in regards to support from the government.

“We’re a very passionate industry, and we work very hard on our trade. And I think we need support from all the areas of government to ensure that manufacturing stays vibrant within this country.”

Another important ingredient for success was staying up to date with what was going on outside of the country.

“Small manufacturers like ourselves – we need to have access to the different aspects of cutting-edge technology and innovation from overseas,” Hughes said.

This awards caps an impressive showing by MAR at the Endeavours. Two of Emmerson’s co-workers – Daniel Egan-Wyer and Hughes – qualified as finalists in the Young Achiever category, and BladeStop made the finalists’ list in the Safety category.                    

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