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Endeavour Award finalist to present world patented technology at NMW

Manufacturers’ Endeavour Award finalist Machinery Automation & Robotics Pty Ltd and FreshBins will present the world patented Freshbins bin cleaning truck to the visitors of National Manufacturing Week, May 24-27 (in the New Products zone stand 1613, and Automation & Robotics zone stand 4222).

FreshBins Directors Paul Sewell and MAR Regional Manager Paul Gekas will demonstrate the ground breaking bin cleaning technology used contributed by both companies.

Freshbins was the winner of the ABC TV’s ‘The New Inventors’ show utilises MAR’s intelligent state-of-the-art robotic visual sensing and gripping system to handle and clean bins automatically with no manual handling required.

The new unit incorporates the world’s first mobile three-dimensional sensing robot, installed and programmed by Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR). MAR combined new sensor and collector technology with an effective ozone sterilising system, to ensure the robot is able to locate and pick up the bin for cleaning regardless of bin position or orientation.

In operation, the FreshBins truck pulls up beside a bin for cleaning, which is scanned by the 3D system that can identify and locate bins day or night, in all weather conditions. A separate scanner identifies any moving objects within the proximity of the robot (including people and animals) to ensure it is safe to proceed.

The robot is able to pick up the bin, regardless of bin orientation or position, and bring it into the truck and the sanitization booth, where the ozone generator produces, mixes and applies the ozone in the sanitization process, monitoring the percentage concentration to ensure effective kill of toxins and pathogens.

Once the sanitization process is complete, the robot places the bin back on the curb.

FreshBins revolutionary environmental solution to cleaning bins has received nationwide recognition for their efforts and has won awards such as the; 2010 Green Business award, 2010 Savewater! Award, 2010 WorkSafe Victoria award and the 2010 Business Innovation award.

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