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Enabling Trakka Systems

R&I Instrument & Gear Co is a key supplier to Trakka Systems for their advanced searchlight technology, supplying precision gear manufacturing that ensures the reliability needed for military, law enforcement, and rescue operations. 

Situated in Victoria, R&I has evolved into a powerhouse of manufacturing, known for its commitment to innovation and excellence.

The collaboration between R&I and its parent company, Hardman Bros, has resulted in a diverse range of capabilities.

Their facilities boast advanced machinery and technologies, including CNC services, gear cutting, 5-axis machining, precision honing, and metrology tools.

This extensive infrastructure allows them to cater to various industries such as aerospace, defence, medtech, foodtech, mining, rail, and energy sectors.

One of their notable partners is Trakka Corp, part of the Trakka Systems Group, which has been utilising R&I services for decades.

Trakka Systems is an international group of companies that specialises in providing advanced vision technology solutions for various industries.

Their Australian operation, Trakka Corp, focuses on designing and manufacturing high-performance searchlight systems for use in military, law enforcement, search and rescue, and commercial applications.

These searchlight systems are often used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and situational awareness purposes.

Trakka Corp offers cutting-edge searchlight technology to enhance safety and security across different sectors.

“By providing cutting-edge searchlight technology, Trakka Corp enhances situational awareness, operational effectiveness, and safety across these critical industries,” said Ian Winkworth of Trakka Systems.

CMM Measuring machine with Renishaw PH20 probe and table 900 x 1500 x 800 mm. Image: Hardman

The partnership

Winkworth said that Trakka Systems had been referred to Hardman Bros and R&I due to their quality and service.

“We were fortunate that they were located nearby. We were specifically seeking a partner with the capability to manufacture in Australia and a strong reputation in the industry,” he said.

Winkworth explained that the quality and reliability of Trakka Corp’s searchlights is significantly impacted by the performance and durability of their systems.

Hence why it is so important for them to find reliable partners.

“We operate to very high standards, including AS9100 and MIL-SPEC standards,” he said.

“For the systems to meet these rigorous testing regimes and deliver such capabilities, they must be highly precise and exacting.

“We tried to keep everything within Australia. R & I have been very flexible regarding AS9100 certification, and we assisted them in obtaining AS9100 to support Trakka’s needs.”

Winkworth explained that despite the many challenges Hardman Bros and R&I’s service has always met Trakka Corp’s exacting standards,

“We receive gearboxes from them almost daily for our production, and as our business grows, they have supported us and grown with us,” he said.

“They have provided substantial input and support into the design and our bespoke searchlight gearboxes.”

The products

R&I assists Trakka Corp in producing a range of searchlight products including the TrakkaBeam A800 and TLX searchlights. These searchlights offer potent tactical illumination and feature an integrated multispectral filter wheel readily accessible from the cockpit, enhancing visual clarity.

With a slewing capability of 0-60° per second in both elevation and azimuth, the TrakkaBeams can be seamlessly installed on new or pre-existing searchlight mounts. Their robust design makes them well-suited for a diverse range of missions.

These advanced searchlights with their sleek aerodynamic design set a new standard in the industry, boasting industry leading beam brightness and clarity.

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