Enabling the smart, connected factory

Measurement instrumentation, services, and industrial process engineering firm Endress+Hauser has joined forces with Deutsche Telekom to deliver 5G to industrial facilities.

Designed to facilitate the smart, connected factory, the infrastructure provided by the two companies will develop joint offers for measurement and automation technology, specifically for the process industry.

The project will comprise the integration of measuring instruments and accessories into 5G communication networks and the digital services which run on this network.

Enabling field devices to tap into 5G networks via Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) gateways, the technology will allow for the rapid transfer of large quantities of data in parallel and real time.

“In addition to the actual measured values, our instruments record a wealth of information from the process and about the sensor,” says Matthias Altendorf, CEO of Endress+Hauser. “5G campus networks open up a second signal path that is independent of the plant’s control system and thus make it possible to tap this potential. This will enable us to link value chains more closely across company boundaries and make industrial processes more efficient.”

Some examples of where this technology could be applied include the predictive maintenance of process plants via cloud applications.

For companies looking towards taking the next step in the automation and digitalisation of their processes, this infrastructure will enable faster communication between devices, highlighted Deutsche Telekom board of Management, Technology and Innovation member, Claudia Nemat.

“Building a complete 5G ecosystem for industry will accelerate the pace of digitalization in industry,” said Nemat.