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Empowering the next generation of innovators with Altium’s tools

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are at the heart of modern electronics, driving innovations in countless industries from consumer electronics to aerospace. As the demand for skilled PCB designers grows, equipping the next generation with cutting-edge tools is more crucial than ever.

Altium, a proud Australian brand, is the top-share PCB design tool in the world, known for its industry-leading solutions and commitment to innovation.

Altium’s commitment to education extends globally, enhancing engineering and technical skills at universities. This support is pivotal in developing practical skills, ensuring students are industry-ready upon graduation. Altium partners with teams like Baja ÉTS, the University of British Columbia’s robotics team, and Sunswift Racing’s solar car project.

The Altium Educator Program provides complimentary Altium Designer Pro licenses, training, learning modules, and certification to fully equip teachers to teach ECAD. A365 Classroom enables better collaboration with real-time feedback, streamlining learning, grading, and access anytime, anywhere.

Enhancing Design Efficiency with Altium’s Latest Advancements

Altium continues to innovate with recent advancements in design efficiency. The company’s latest press releases highlight updates to key tools:

BOM Portal: Altium has introduced enhancements to the BOM Portal, offering improved capabilities for managing and optimizing Bill of Materials (BOM) data. These updates streamline the procurement process, enhancing supply chain visibility and cost management for electronics manufacturers.

Z2Data: Altium’s Z2Data platform now features enhanced functionality, empowering users with advanced data analytics capabilities. This enables engineers and designers to make data-driven decisions throughout the design process, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of electronic products.

SiliconExpert Integration: Altium has integrated SiliconExpert into its ecosystem, providing users with comprehensive component data and supply chain intelligence directly within Altium Designer. This integration simplifies component selection and compliance management, ensuring design accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Supporting Cutting-Edge Startups

Outreach Robotics, from the University of Sherbrooke, revolutionizes biodiversity efforts with their Mamba robotic arm, designed to collect rare plant samples from inaccessible locations. This exemplifies how startups leverage Altium tools to bring innovative products to market efficiently.

Altium’s Launchpad program offers startups like Outreach Robotics access to professional tools at a reduced price, with 24/7 support and comprehensive training. This initiative fosters a vibrant startup ecosystem, with Australia ranked ninth globally for its entrepreneurial environment. Medical startup Metyos, a Launchpad user, developed a biowearable device for kidney health monitoring. Using Altium’s solutions streamlined their design process, saving engineering time and reducing errors.

Why Altium?

Altium’s User Forum is the world’s largest and most active PCB designer community, providing critical feedback that enhances Altium’s products. Altium Designer 24 enhances the design process with seamless integration with Ansys for advanced simulation, MCAD/ECAD CoDesign, and more.

For a free trial of Altium Designer, visit the Altium free trials page.

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