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Project: Easyloader 19m long logger

THE Elphinstone Easyloader project was to design and build a set of trailers to cart the longest logs possible, and still fit with the 26m Tri B-Double mass management rules.

The project involved the application of a self-steering rear trailer (making the unit track well with good stability) on a B-Double in conjunction with an innovative lead trailer that can carry 29t payload.

Competitor products were restricted to daylight hours whereas, the Easyloader is able to run day or night and can carry up to 50% more payload with­out the need for a special permit.

The logger features a self-loading rear trailer, which can ride on the rear of the lead trailer for empty running, and operates using a standard prime mover which can be hook onto any other trailer when needed.

The market potential for the logger is not limited to the transport of logs, as it can be utilised for pipes, steel, concrete beams or any other long-length load requirement.

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