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Eight killed in another Bangladeshi factory fire


At least eight have been killed in a garment factory in Bangladesh. This news of the fire comes as the death toll from the recent collapse of another factory outside Dhaka has passed 900.

AAP reports that the cause of the fire is not known.

The eight dead include the owner of the Tung Hai sweater factory, four of his staff, a senior police officer, a low-level police official and an eighth person who has not yet been identified.

The fire occurred on the third floor of an 11-storey building housing two garment factories in Dhaka's Darussalam district. It broke out during the night and no garment workers were killed on injured.

Mahbubur Rahman, operations director of the nation's fire service said that the fire was large but fire fighters managed to confine it to the one floor.

He added that the victims rushed into a stairwell and were overwhelmed by "toxic smoke from burnt acrylic clothing".

According to Tung Hai’s Facebook page, the company’s customers include British low-cost chain Primark and Spain's Inditex, the parent group of the Zara brand.

This latest tragedy adds to a long list of deaths in Bangladeshi textile manufacturing. According to the Amsterdam-based Clean Clothes Campaign group, around 700 people have been killed in garment factory fires in the country since 2006.

As the second-biggest textiles and apparel manufacturer in the world, Bangladesh earns about 80 per cent of its export income from this sector.

However, the work conditions in the country’s factories are increasingly being seen as unacceptable. Following the collapse of the factory outside Dhaka, the government has taken steps to audit the industry and has closed factories down, but it is yet to be seen if these steps will be sufficient.

(Photo: Calum Macleod, USA TODAY)


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