Efficient compression with ELGi’s new range

The world is struggling with Global warming and now, more than ever before, energy efficient product is a prime requirement. Over the years, ELGi has focused on improving their specific power consumption and provide improved flow (FAD).

Keeping best in class life cycle cost (including power) in mind, ELGi has developed their new air-cooled, direct drive series with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.

Fixed speed machines’ performance is measured at 100 per cent load, no matter what the customer demand is.

The LOT 31 Study (Europe) / DoE (USA) measures a variable speed compressor not only at a 100 per cent load but at three load points (100 per cent, 70 per cent, and 40 per cent) that represent the typical load distribution in a compressor’s life. Focusing on efficiency across the flow spectrum, ELGi has developed PMSM machine, with reduction in LOT31 SPC by up to 15 per cent and improved FAD by up to 16 per cent.

ELGi has designed their own robust, IP55 rated motor by leveraging induction motors’ capacity.

ELGi’s motor and air-ends are built super solidly and that’ the reason they are offering best in class warranty. But in the unlikely event, if they need servicing, you can get Airend & motor service separately. Which isn’t possible with most permanent magnet machines available in the market.

Why IE5’+’? For motors only IE5 regulation is available, and ELGi is exceeding the regulation by far. That’s why ELGi claims its motor efficiency is best in class.

Why PMSM? Induction motors efficiency can’t be more than IE4. So, something better in technology was required. Thus, ELGi has chosen synchronous technology.

There are many options, but PMSM was chosen as it has the lowest losses among all. The technology is very precise, it receives input and gives feedback as well. Which gives us the opportunity to provide best in class efficient compressor. VFD can run at lower turndown as well. And the drop in the efficiency from 100 per cent load to lower load is least compared to all other technologies.

ELGi has used direct drive, optimised air ends, and made them energy efficient air ends.

The compressor is fitted with intelligent thermal valve system for effective thermal management, which works intelligently with inputs from ambient and lube temperature sensor through Neuron IV controller and gives variable output. ITV reacts instantly to temperature change and reduces thermal stress on the oil. By optimising the oil temperature and reducing the load on the airend, energy savings are enabled.

Along with all of these features, ELGi has the advantage of being optimally priced, and to give peace of mind to customers, it is also providing a superior warranty.

The ELGi advantage

Best in class Life cycle cost.

Environmentally efficient – Best in class efficiency achieved through packaging an IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor with efficient air ends not only reduces electricity bills, but also reduces the carbon emissions.

Experience savings of up to 45 per cent over a fixed speed machine. Savings can be experienced even at 100 per cent load when compared with a fixed speed machine. Up to 18 per cent additional savings over a traditional variable speed machine.

Reliability – In house designed and built motor and proven drive in the most rugged package design to work at 50 degrees °C. A machine built to last the ages and that’s why offered with best-in-class warranty.

Intelligent – With the N4 and the intelligent thermal valve system, the machine works by understanding both, the environmental conditions and the machine conditions, thereby ensuring efficiency and increasing the longevity of the cooling system.

Serviceability – Accessible design with all components that are reachable, and the machine design focuses on easy serviceability and repair over replacement.

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