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Efficient compressed air production

THE SK 21-SFC rotary screw compressor from Kaeser has been developed in Kaeser’s research and development centre in Germany.

The result is a quietly, efficient compressor able to provide a reliable source of quality compressed air.

Knowing that plants have a wide range of air demand, Kaeser Compressors not only payed attention to the match of compressor pump and motor, but also to the state-of-the-art control system on board.

One of many features is the option of having the compressor SK21-SFC with a variable speed drive. Combined with a footprint of only 0.7m², the compact SK series is an ideal choice for workshops and industrial environments where space is at a premium.

Producing a free-air delivery of between 0.43m³/min and 1.95m³/min and up to 13 bar, equipped with 11kW, this compressor will operate at very low power consumption, depending on air demand.

The variable speed drive enables the compressor to operate only at a speed required to produce the amount of air needed. The positive environmental impact is the reduced power consumption reduces the greenhouse gas emission, which is in average 1kg CO2 per 1kW/hr.

Low noise level of only 65dB(A) is achieved by effective sound insulation and low airend speeds, meaning the compressor can be installed in close proximity to the work area.

Offering all the advantages of modern rotary screw compressor technology, the model features a flow optimised “Sigma Profile” airend and an EFF1 motor, registered at MEPS website in Australia, that guarantees a specific power with high energy efficiency.

The SK21-SFC compressor’s V-belt drive design features an automatic tensioning device that extends belt life, ensures constant, efficient power transmission and considerably reduces the need for maintenance.

An effective cooling system provides low compressed air discharge temperatures, consequently reducing workload and power consumption of any downstream air treatment equipment.

The SK21-SFC compressor model is service-friendly, as all filters are easily accessible and simple to change from the front of the unit. An observation window in the compressor cabinet allows for fluid level inspection even when the unit is in operation.

Modern plant operation requires compressed air produced reliable, quiet and cost effective, and the environmental aspect has become an important issue. The days are over where bigger is better.

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