Efficiency, Visibility, Scalability: Transform your warehouse operations with NetSuite WMS

You know what it’s like. Your warehousing or manufacturing business has grown well – but you’ve also found yourself tangled in a web of disparate systems and clumsy manual processes.

Now you’re dealing with hand-written notes, discrepancies, and clunky spreadsheets that break down whenever you give them a sideways glance.

It’s gotten you this far. But it won’t get you any further. With ambitions of scaling – or even just stopping the constant mistakes – you need a smarter, clearer, and more adaptable solution.

Imagine a world where your day-to-day operations used industry-leading practices, you could manage business from the cloud, and you could plan proactively rather than reactively.

This is your business with NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System working with you.

What is WMS?

The simplest WMS will track all the goods and materials incoming to and outgoing from your warehouse. As a basic level, this gives you a real-time view of stock levels, and allows you to maximise your inventory and streamline operations.

Of course, great WMS software doesn’t stop there. It also features:

         barcode scanning and support for SKUs

         the ability to classify warehouse space

         visibility of upcoming deliveries and shipment sizes

         real-time order status updates

         shipping carrier selection and label printing

         restocking and inventory adjustments

         and seamless integrations with other ERPs and ecommerce platforms

         and countless other aspects designed to work for your business.

NetSuite WMS: A solution tailored for your needs

The gold standard of WMS today is NetSuite WMS, because it gives you visibility and control from the cloud, for everything from finance to inventory levels.

Say goodbye to chaotic SKU management, inefficient manual processes, and resource-heavy tasks. NetSuite WMS optimises day-to-day warehouse operations using the best tools on the market, such as mobile RF barcode scanning, defined strategies for put-away and picking, task management, return authorisation receipts, and cycle count plans.

Minimise your handling costs and errors, get crystal clarity of your operations, and adapt to business growth without operational constraints. That’s NetSuite WMS.

Benefits of NetSuite WMS

NetSuite WMS offers a stack of transformative benefits bigger than you can shake a stick at:

         Improved data capture and accuracy – meaning fewer manual mistakes and fewer hours spent on mundane tasks

         Better inventory visibility – so you can track inventory in real time as they move into, through, and out of your warehouse

         Optimised space – putting the right products in the best spaces for easier fulfilment

         Boosted productivity – with mobile devices guiding users to important tasks and helping them complete their roles as quickly as possible

         Increased order fill rates and accuracy – utilise efficient pick paths and multi-order packing to maximise fulfilment processes

         Higher customer satisfaction – maybe the most important benefit out there. With orders delivered quickly, and errors reduced, customers will get to enjoy your products sooner.

Want to see NetSuite WMS in action?

You’re in luck. Fusion5 are showcasing how NetSuite WMS can overhaul your warehouse management processes and optimise inventory control.

Join them for an exclusive webinar event tailored for wholesale distribution businesses looking to elevate their operations with a modern ERP solution.

You’ll have a chance to see how NetSuite’s WMS plays out, as well as getting a chance to learn key strategies and best practices for successfully implementing and managing change within your organisation.

Want to learn more? Register for the webinar here, and see how your business can leverage technology for good.

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