ECI Software Solutions delivers machine monitoring solution for APAC region

ECI Software Solutions, Inc., a global provider of cloud-based business management software and services, has announced the integration of its machine monitoring solution, Alora, with the M1 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is now available to users across the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

ECI ‘s cloud ERP solution, M1, is an all-in-one solution that minimises costly mistakes and optimises scheduling and material ordering. M1 caters to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) specialising in various manufacturing processes—including make-to-stock, discrete, repetitive, and make-to-order—facilitating a more efficient business operation by minimising workflow issues and enhancing visibility.

M1 centralises and digitises manufacturing processes, eliminating the need for manual systems like whiteboards and paper, offering a unified platform for operational management. This shift grants manufacturers access to comprehensive, real-time data from any location on the shop floor, directly supporting enhanced scheduling, estimation and resource planning efforts.

Alora, part of ECI’s product lineup, is a machine monitoring solution designed to maximise the utilisation of existing machinery and resources by connecting and analysing machine performance and ERP data in real-time.

Duane Clement, ECI’s Alora business unit leader, said, “The Alora and M1 ERP solution provides a clear view of real-time operations, delivering up to 20 percent higher machine utilisation and significant cost savings equating to an average of $20,000 annually per machine. It’s a practical approach to improving productivity and reducing waste through smarter, data-driven decision making.”

Alora complements M1 by providing critical insights into machine performance, empowering manufacturers to implement operational improvements swiftly and make informed business decisions. The optimisation of machine use and employee efficiency facilitated by Alora helps ensure maximum return on investment (ROI), helping to offset the need for new machine purchases or additional hires.

Clement said, “Alora’s detailed monitoring tools also offer insights into machine downtime, and its capacity to align employee labour hours with actual machine use plays a vital role in minimising unplanned stoppages and instituting fair, performance-based compensation strategies. By integrating M1’s comprehensive operational oversight with Alora’s precise machine performance analytics, manufacturers gain a powerful addition to their toolkit that enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs, and optimises productivity.”

These initiatives are part of ECI’s broader strategy to connect, protect, and save with its cloud solutions, positioning itself as a trusted partner for more than 24,000 businesses globally. The company’s commitment to providing end-to-end solutions built, maintained and enhanced according to industry-specific needs highlights its dedication to supporting businesses through technological advancements and strategic thought leadership.

Visit the Alora and M1 web pages to learn more.

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