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Dux Hot Water

Product: Dux Airoheat

DUX Hot Water is the largest Australian-owned manufacturer of water heaters, which includes a full range of environmental water such as the Airoheat heat pump water heater.

The Dux Airoheat is a domestic heat pump water heater which utilises solar generated free energy in the ambient air, to heat water domestically at low electrical energy consumption levels.

The water heater can reduce traditional domestic hot water energy consumption by up to 75% along with a load levelling 75% reduction in running current. The product also operates with an extremely low “neighbour friendly” noise level of 51dB.

It has three primary unique and innovative features which combine to provide significant energy savings whilst heating water including ‘intelligent’ control technology; unique coil design to minimise air and heat loss; and “subzero” protection that allows the unit to continue to heat water even when the outside temperature drops below zero.

The product has been awarded a Design Mark and Engineering Excellence Award (Environmental). It is also recognised by the Federal Government as a desired environmental product, with a rating of 30 REC points.

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