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DroneShield delivers long-range sensors to the Australian Army


DroneShield Ltd, an Australian publicly listed manufacturer based in Sydney, has sold a quantity of its RFOne MKII long-range sensors to the Australian Army. The capability will be delivered immediately, allowing the Australian Army to assess its future counter-drone requirements and options. 

“As an Australian company, DroneShield is immensely proud to support the Australian Army with its long-range counter-drone strategy,” Droneshield CEO Oleg Vornik said. 

The deployment of these long-range sensors will highlight the flexibility, resilience and capabilities of DroneShield equipment in a dynamic field environment, while also assisting the Australian Army in establishing its counter drone requirements and future capability options. 

The sale was structured as a one-off sale to the Australian Army, and, similar to the standard purchases from DroneShield’s other defence and law enforcement customers, comprises a small purchase of equipment. 

While the size of the sale is financially immaterial, it is considered to be material from a growth perspective, as it is expected to lead to larger procurements once the equipment from the earlier purchase has been fielded for a period of time. 

DroneShield specialises in RF sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion, Electronic Warfare, Rapid Prototyping and MIL-SPEC manufacturing.  

The company’s capabilities are used to protect military, government, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, commercial and VIPs throughout the world. 

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