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DroneShield awarded new $4.7 Million counter drone contract

DroneShield has announced it has received an order of $4.7 million from a new non-government Swiss international customer to provide multiple vehicle-based counter-drone (C-UxS) systems.

The vehicle-based solution will offer a rapidly deployable C-UxS platform that can be operated in both static and on-the-move (OTM) missions for convoy and mobile VIP protection.

The end customer is a high-profile government agency.

Payments are expected to be received throughout 2024, with the final payment expected in Q1 2025.

The product will incorporate DroneShield’s radio frequency detection and mitigation, radar, and electro-optical sensors into a single vehicle-based platform.

The system will be powered by the DroneSentry-C2 command-and-control system, including its proprietary AI-based sensor fusion engine.

DroneShield CEO, Oleg Vornik, said the company is excited to have the new customer on board.

“This order highlights DroneShield’s expertise not only as a maker of cutting-edge AI-based C-UAS sensor and effector technologies, but also as a system integrator for demanding applications that involve multiple sensor and effector modalities, operating in tough conditions,” said Vornik.

“We are excited to have this new customer on board and look forward to doing more work with them over the coming years.”

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