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DroneShield Awarded $5.7 million U.S. Government Contract

DroneShield announced it has received a repeat order of $5.7 million from a U.S. Government customer for a number of its CUxS (Counter-UxS) systems.

C-UxS refers to counterdrone systems targeting multi-domain aerial, ground and maritime surface drones.

The delivery, involving multiple DroneShield product lines, is expected to be completed in several stages throughout the remainder of the year.

DroneShield’s US CEO, Matt McCrann, said the company is honoured to support the U.S. Government.

“As the drone threat continues to evolve and proliferate across domains in modern conflicts, we are honoured to support the U.S. Government and our allies as they look to meet the growing need for advanced Counter-UxS solutions. We value our partnership and look forward to continuing to support our troops and partners wherever possible.”

DroneShield’s Director of Business Development, Tom Branstetter, said the companies portfolio and high level manufacturing will serve the U.S. government well.

“Our comprehensive product portfolio paired with high-level manufacturing affords us the ability to rapidly outfit U.S. and partner nations with lifesaving technology, while also addressing a wide range of operational requirements. It’s a privilege to assist the U.S. government and our allies in strengthening security both at home and abroad,” said Branstetter.

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