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Drones to hover over Brisbane at Congress

On September 26 and 27, Australian drone manufacturers and those utilising drones in their manufacturing processes are invited to attend the World of Drones Congress in Brisbane.

The congress includes a business expo with exhibitors from Australia, China and Japan, as well as a national drone safety forum and a national drones defence industry forum.

Australia is home to over 1200 drone operators who support the local and international drone ecosystem. With individuals, businesses and governments finding more applications for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), the country is a hub for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) testing, according to Austrade.

In the past two years, the World of Drones Congress has attempted to highlight how drones can be applied in commercial and industrial settings, in addition to the delivery of government services. Last year, the Congress showcased the numerous uses for drones that businesses have developed, across fields such as smart cities, agriculture and health, while also providing a forum for the discussion of drone laws, regulations and the potential for future jobs.

“The World of Drones Congress has created a platform where academics, start-ups, and large corporations and government departments can get together to talk about real-world applications – and the legal, risk, and health and safety aspects,” said co-founder and technical curator, Dr Catherine Ball.

By 2022 the world commercial market for UAS is expected to grow to US$5.04 billion ($7.21 billion), according to a report by Frost & Sullivan, this is a US$1 billion increase on the size of the industry in 2015. Increasingly, the Asia-Pacific region is driving this growth, the report noted.

Speakers at the World of Drones Congress include Kylie Walker, who will speak to the application of drones in space while Simon Cullen, strategic defence advisor to the Government of Queensland, will demonstrate how drones can be developed for the defence industry.

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