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Dow Chemical joins Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre

Dow Chemical Australia has formally joined the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the development of Australia’s innovative and dynamic advanced manufacturing sector.

AMGC Managing Director, Dr Jens Goennemann, said Dow’s involvement will help to firmly establish the Australian manufacturing sector as world-leading, now and into the future.

“Partnering with Dow gives the AMGC the opportunity to drive innovation between business, industry and the science and research community. We have access to leading industry experts at Dow including local manufacturers, scientists and innovators, which will contribute to an overall stronger manufacturing sector in Australia” Dr Goennemann said.

Dow Chemical has joined the AMGC, as part of a long-term commitment to Australian advanced manufacturing, Tony Frencham, Dow ANZ Managing Director and Regional President explained. Dow started promoting a potential advanced manufacturing industry in Australia when it released the “Dow Chemical Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Australia” in 2012.

“At Dow, we’re proud to partner with the AMGC and welcome the opportunity to collaborate on its Sector Competitiveness Plan through ongoing consultations, which will contribute to the long-term strategy for advanced manufacturing in Australia.”

“By becoming a member of the AMGC, we’re able to formalise our relationship and begin working together on real sector outcomes, for advancements both in the Australian market and internationally,” Mr Frencham added.

The AMGC will advance the competitiveness, productivity and innovation of Australia’s manufacturing system through increasing engagement with international markets and global supply chains, enhancing management and workforce skills, fostering tighter collaboration between industry and research institutions, and identifying opportunities to reduce regulatory burden.

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