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Donald Trump says he’d force Apple to bring its manufacturing back to the US

US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has said he’d make Apple bring all its manufacturing back to its home country.

Gizmodo reports on Trump’s address to the private Christian college Liberty University in Virginia, in which the topic of outsourcing was brought up.

“We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers in this country instead of other countries,” the Republican Party candidate was reported as saying.

The statement was described as bizarre, an "empty applause line" and impossible, with the president having no authority to stop a company from outsourcing.

Cupertino, California-based Apple makes its iPhone in China and uses a notoriously complicated network of suppliers. The Asian electronics supply chains used by the electronics company are much bigger and more highly developed than those in the US. 

For example, an analysis by of the iPhone 6 found 785 businesses in 31 countries are involved in the supply chain. 349 suppliers were Chinese, 139 Japanese, and only in the 60 US.

It is not the first time Trump has criticised Apple. For example, in 2013 he posted on social media: “I have a lot of @Apple stock— and I miss Steve Jobs.

“Tim Cook must immediately increase the size of the screen on the iPhone. It should be slightly larger than the Samsung screen- and they better get it right fast because they will lose a lot of business. I like the larger screen.”

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