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Detroit’s manufacturing sector experiences revival

High-tech manufacturing has played an important role in USA city Detroit’s recovery, following the city’s bankruptcy in 2013.

CNBC reports that hundreds of factories had shut and thousands of jobs were lost due to outsourcing, with the city then hit by the Great Recession and housing crises.

Detroit came out bankruptcy last year. The automotive industry is still an important part of the economy, but other industries, such as robotics (ABB Robotics, for example, opened a new factory in Auburn Hills in May) and biotech have assisted the resurgence.

A number of public and private efforts to boost industry have also lent support. The TechTown innovation hub and incubator had helped 1,400 businesses and 14,000 jobs be created, David Egner, executive director of the philanthropic New Economy Initiative (NEI), told CNBC.

The LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation was launched in January.

Elsewhere, Forbes cites Economic Modeling Specialists International research finding over 55,000 manufacturing jobs had been added to Detroit since 2009, with about half of these automotive-related.

The skills base and supply chain in and around Motor City has been cited as a benefit for start-up manufacturers.


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