METALMASTER PB 135B 3200 x 135T

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Title METALMASTER PB 135B 3200 x 135T
Price $58,500
Listing Type New
Stock Number S906F
RefCode TA516245


CNC Fastfold 202 Controller 2 Axis and Foldsafe safety guarding system, Australian designed and made


MetalMaster Quality Pressbrakes feature high durability, and provide precision bending capabilities, The Pressbrake main frames are constructed from rolled, stress relieved solid steel to prevent distortion during the bending process and under extreme continuous loads.

MetalMaster Pressbrakes are produced in a high volume production process and therefore are able to be manufactured cost effectively, resulting in affordable price, representing value for money and quicker return on investment.

Featuring an adjustable synchronised torsion bar with positive stop system ensures consistent and accurate bending beam parallelism tolerance to 0.01mm via the digital Control unit.

All electrical components are off European quality supplied by, Telemecanique, Merlin Gerin and ABB. Hydraulic control units are supplied by Aron from Italy.

Fasfold 202 Pressbrake controller Australian made and designed
Maximise Performance
Increased Production
Increased Profits
Low Cost
Can be fitted to most Pressbrakes
Synchro with proportional valves
Torsion bars and nuts
Large 15" Touch screen

Select existing jobs from the library
Jobs can be named and saved for future use. A virtually unlimited number of jobs can be saved
Jobs open with all relevant data like bend sequence, material thickness, right Tool, Die & V, angle corrections, which bends were done from front or rear etc. This saves lots of set-up time.
Jobs can be downloaded from the office.
Jobs can be linked to fold boxes easily
Each operator can have his own password with his own job library.
5 Easy steps to put you in production in no time!,

Step 1. QUICKDRAW: How easy is this!.....
Simply touch the 10 corners on the grid to draw the box to the left
Press OK to return to the main screen

Step 2. Simply touch on the dimension or angle of the profile on the right to edit the value on the popup keypad

Step 3. How good is this!........ See the profile on the left for easy editing.. and the folding simulation on the right!- View the actual folding sequence simulation on the graphic as you fold in real time or animation mode.
Change folds from front to rear to optimise production.
Step through the whole sequence without wasting time or material.
This can be done on the Press or offline in the office (For quotes on new jobs: This process can be used in minutes to assist in doing new quotes accurately).
Touch the Automatic fold sequence button or set the fold sequence manually simply by entering the sequence (1 2 8 7 6 5 3 4 for the example on the left).

Step 4. Enter material thickness and width.

Step 5. Select the right tool and Die from the library and start production

Online help - simply touch the HELP button, then any topic for an explanation
Cad import - import files from AutoCad , SolidEdge , SolidWorks etc.
Box Mode - Hand draws a box quick and easily folds in one continuous process.
Powerful diagnostics which can be done very easily. Any device on the Press whether it is a switch, solenoid valve, motor or encoder is represented on this screen either as green or red. If you step on the foot switch for example, it changes colour. Within minutes all devices can be tested and any faults found
Hydraulic / Mechanical ram, synchronised positive stop design, ram stroke controlled by precision mechanical nut depth stops built into each cylinder. Electronically controlled by CNC FASFOLD Programmable controller assuring accurate repeatability.
Parallelism is ensured by torsion bar that can be easily adjusted by clutch system.
CNC FASFOLD 202 programmable leadscrew back gauge with adjustable height finger stops.
Segmented heavy duty 35° offset top punch is segmented for return bend clearance, complete with European style quick release punch holder with an adjustable wedge clamping system for crowning. Intermediate clamp has safety key to stop punch dropping.
Multi vee ('V') bottom die is made from one 3200mm solid die block design to handle heavy plate, safety edge vee ('V') is incorporated in bottom die block.
Conveniently mounted control box on pendant for quick swivel and adjustments.
Enclosed rear gate with micro safety switches complete with sliding rear door for easy access.
European quick release style top punch and clamping system, allowing operator to change position of tooling to suit multiple requirements on complex applications. This feature ensures minimum down time, more productivity and results in reduced cost per finished product.
Sliding steel fabricated sheet supports enabling a wide range of material sizes to be aligned and supported at the correct required height. This feature is achieved with a T slot machined down the total length of the die bed; sheet supports are also adjustable vertically to assist in supporting material with return bends already folded.
Adjustable sliding blocks control the machines beam to provide desirable open height distance to the (slow speed) mute bending point. Operator adjustable locking knobs for quick adjustment, enables accurate repeatability and increased productivity.
Metal safety guarding surrounding the machine with rear sliding door fitted and micro switch ensuring operator safety. Clear access panels placed at each end of machine allows the operator to clearly view tooling and work piece during bending operation. Metalmaster specially design gates to suit Australian safety requirements.
Hydraulic MPA pressure gauge mounted on right side of support frame with quick adjusting pressure control knob allowing operator to accurately set the pressure required for different material thickness, incorporating with hydraulic overload protection.
Welded steel fabricated synchronised torsion bar horizontally supporting main bending beam to provide consistent parallelism that also can be adjusted for taper correction.
The vertical supporting slides are treated to provide greater ware resistance and increased accuracy.
Reinforced side frames providing addition support strength to machine throat
Australian made Foldsafe closed loop safety control system with European light curtains that continuously monitors machine performance, beam speed, stopping time etc.


Swivel pendant control unit operated by CNC FASFOLD 202 controller X & Y Axis
Australian made Foldsafe safety control system with European light curtains
Sliding front sheet support arms
Emergency stop buttons conveniently located on control panel and foot control
Mobile dual operation foot control
Segmented 35° offset top punch
Solid one piece four way multi vee (V) die block
Quick action top punch tool holder system with wedge type adjustment
Powered operated leadscrew back gauge with 600mm travel, operated by CNC FASFOLD 202 controller
Oil tank level indicator
Metal constructed safety guarding surrounding machine with clear side viewing panels
Integrated hydraulic system allowing rapid approach switching automatically to slow bend


Prices and specifications listed are subject to change