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Project: Colby Drive-In Pallet Racking

COLBY Drive-In pallet racking is a high density form of pallet storage and is one of a series of innova­tions developed by the Dematic structural engineer­ing team in recent years.

According to the company, the optimised design uses fewer, but stronger and bigger structural com­ponents, which means a more efficient use of steel, without compromising load capacity and safety.

The racking components are standardised and there are fewer of them, making installation surpris­ingly quick and simple.

As well the modular design is configurable for individual needs, and the new single-sided can­tilever brackets allow for different pallet levels in adjacent bays.

The racking incorporates a complete, integrated system of safety elements to prevent accidents and maximise the life of our customer’s storage system.

Key components of the racking include heavy duty uprights optimally designed for load carrying capacity and safety, heavy-duty bracing which con­nects symmetrically to the rack upright, one piece, formed Cantilever brackets that wrap securely around the upright, Colby rack protectors which wrap perfectly around the base of the rack uprights providing the capability to deflect impact and improve safe operation, and backstops which are positioned at the end of the pallet runners to pre­vent pallets from being pushed too far into the rack.

But the company says the key to the success of the product is the highly integrated nature of all components making it the first purpose designed drive-in racking system of its type in Australia

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