Defence manufacturer set to shake-up automotive sector with new light-weight panels

Quickstep Holdings Limited is “aggressively targeting opportunities in the burgeoning automotive composites sector” with a new light-weight panel developed using the Quickstep Process.

Quickstep Holdings has been conducting “landmark research” into the industry, after receiving a   $2.6M Climate Ready Grant from the government.

The Australian company has been researching ways to make new car panels using its composites manufacturing process called Quickstep Process.

The technology, now at ‘proof-of-concept’ stage, will be targeted at the global automotive manufacturing industry.

The delivery of the first milestone in the research program is completed, with the production of a proof-of-concept Class A automotive flat panel using Quickstep’s patented Resin Spray Transmission (RST).

RST should enable fully-robotised production of automotive parts in minutes with costs comparable to steel parts, Quickstep Holdings claims.

Test panels reportedly achieved exceptionally high quality and outstanding surface finish straight from the mould.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a shift towards lighter-weight, composite components to help battle rising fuel prices and emissions trading schemes around the world, Quickstep Holdings says.

Quickstep Holdings, based in Perth, is well-known for its Quickstep Process, which has been used by the Joint Strike Fighter defence project in a $700 million contract.

The company is very well-regarded in the defence sector.

Image from News.com.au

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