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Illawarra offshore wind zone officially declared

The federal government has officially declared the Illawarra offshore wind zone 20 kilometres off the coast of Wollongong in NSW.

Offshore wind stands ready to emerge as a vital addition to the energy landscape, complementing the existing onshore wind and solar power infrastructure.

With the escalating impacts of climate change from fossil fuel burning, offshore wind is critical in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and offering a sustainable alternative for electricity generation.

This positive announcement opens job opportunities across various sectors such as construction, maintenance, and operations.

This initiative has the potential to foster significant economic growth, creating a sustainable and thriving local economy.

Spokesperson for environmental justice organisation Friends of the Earth, Pat Simons, said the potential of offshore wind energy is transformative.

“From Gippsland in Victoria to the Illawarra and Hunter in NSW… Offshore wind represents a massive opportunity to take action on climate change while creating thousands of new jobs,” said Simons.

Earlier this year, at least four offshore wind zones were established nationwide, underscoring the crucial role of community involvement in this burgeoning industry.

The federal government can build on the positive announcement by implementing a plan that delivers community benefits from offshore wind.

This will foster engagement with First Nations people, create local jobs, and enforce strong environmental protection.

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