Decades of experience

Robotic Automation has been delivering robotic solutions for 35 years to manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand.

While most people think of automation and robotics in manufacturing as a recent arrival, Robotic Automation has been delivering these solutions for 35 years to manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand.

Robotic Automation (RA) has been operating in Australia and New Zealand since 1988 and has installed and supported more than 3600 installations across manufacturing, welding, warehousing, health, testing labs, and even banking.

One of RA’s specialities is its welding division, which has long seen its MOTOMAN robotic welders utilised in numerous manufacturing applications.

The enduring partnership between MOTOMAN Yaskawa and RA, dating back to RA’s inception in 1988, has fostered a deep mutual understanding of each other’s requirements and a keen awareness of what Australian customers seek in their automated welding solutions.

MOTOMAN stands as one of the industrial robotics industry’s largest manufacturers, boasting a remarkable track record of over 540,000 robots installed worldwide since 1977. Renowned for its unwavering reliability, MOTOMAN remains committed to constant improvement and ongoing product development. This dedication translates into extended operational longevity, minimized downtime, reduced maintenance expenses, increased profitability, and unparalleled peace of mind for its customers.

Entry level solutions

Today, robots are tasked with a variety of roles beyond simple repetitive tasks. However, small, and mid-sized companies face hurdles in robot implementation due to safety requirements necessitating separate working areas.

Yaskawa’s human collaborative robot (HC Series) offers an affordable, versatile, and user-friendly solution. These robots cater to customers seeking seamless automation, enabling them to work alongside humans.

The Weld4Me Cobot package is an easy-to-use, collaborative robot-based MIG or MAG welding station. It offers top performance for small welding shops with small batch sizes and high variant diversity. This cobot welding cell maintains a consistent and high welding quality while being easy to install.

The cobot combines the strength and accuracy of the industrial robot with the safety features necessary for human-robot collaboration. The IP67 protection class provides superior capabilities for applications in rough welding environments.

Due to direct teaching and the customised welding wizard software, operating and programming the Weld4Me robot is easy to learn for welding personnel, even without prior robotics knowledge.

ArcWorld welding cells

RA also offer self-contained welding cells for a flexible, space saving and cost-effective solution. Easy to install, operate and relocate, each ArcWorld cell is prepared for TIG, MIG or MAG welding, depending on requirements. The positioner variants of different types and sizes ensure high work piece flexibility and operator safety.

World’s largest range of workpiece positioning peripherals

Robotic Automation prides itself on developing solutions for any unique challenge thrown its way, and its robotic welding solutions are pivotal to this. The Swedish MOTOMAN Yaskawa facility alone produce over 2.5kms of robotic servo tracks each year, including all associated cable and control options.

With access to MOTOMAN Yaskawa’s wide range of knowledge and expertise in robot technology, RA can provide a complete package fully tailored to the requirements of a manufacturer, using system components all from a single source.

With so many years of robotic welding experience, Yaskawa provides an unrivalled rich portfolio of standard and customised work piece positioners with multiple simultaneously controlled axes, providing high speed and superb precision. This encompasses compatible Tracks and Gantries for all applications, setting RA apart as trusted advisors in system design without compromise.

This comprehensive range of proven systems sets RA apart from others, enabling it to be trusted advisors in designing the right system to suit your needs without compromise.

The latest technology

RA’s offline robot programming solution uses smart software to automatically generate robotic welding programs directly from CAD information. This easy-to-use desktop application makes offline robot programming simple and has powerful tools to ensure you get high-quality welding results with minimal programming effort.

MotoSim® is a comprehensive software package that provides accurate 3D simulation of robot cells. This powerful simulation software can be used to optimise the whole system, reach modelling, and cycle time calculations. This enables highly accurate off-line programming of complex systems.

Laser Vision enables MOTOMAN robots to precisely find and track weld joints at high speeds and in real time, even while the parts are turning on a coordinated positioner resulting in precise optimised, highly accurate welds.

With so many possibilities available, you can be sure RA can provide the most suitable automated solution and return on investment to suit your manufacturing process. 

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