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Deburring machine for flame cut plates

THE Lissmac SBM-G/S 1000 deburring machine has a throughput width of 1000 millimetres. It deburrs and rounds off the cut edges of sheet metal plates with a maximum thickness of 120 millimetres and with burrs up to five millimetres in height.

Independent of their shape, several plates of the same material thickness lying adjacent to each other can be processed in parallel.

For handling metal plates that are heavy, long or with large surface areas, equipment is available from Lissmac’s materials handling section which facilitates safe transfer onto the feed belts, as well as ergonomic removal of the finished parts.

Compared with the conventional practice of using an angle grinder to deburr thick plates that have been sawn, laser, plasma or flame cut, the Lissmac deburring machine SBM-G/S 1000 offers the following advantages:

* When deburring simple geometric work pieces, the Lissmac deburring machine achieves approximately three to six times the performance when compared to angle grinding. With complicated shapes, this gap increases.

* Apart from higher productivity, the Lissmac deburring machine produces a significant improvement in quality of finish. The grind is even and free from scoring which cannot be avoided with angle grinding.

* In comparison with the work methods involved with angle grinding, employees are not subject to dust, dirt, noise or flying sparks and are also not subjected to additional physical stresses caused by vibration and unhealthy posture.

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