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Databricks and ARM Hub sign partnership to boost manufacturing

ARM Hub, Australia’s leading artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and design-for-manufacture industry hub is partnering with world-leading data and AI platform, Databricks.

This international alliance is set to transform Australia’s manufacturing landscape by enabling smarter decision-making through affordable, safe, relevant and up-to-date data and AI solutions.

ARM Hub founder and CEO, Professor Cori Stewart, said the benefits to the manufacturing sector will be transformative.

“Our work with Databricks has already enabled ARM Hub to build the lakehouse infrastructure and provide AI-as-a-service to Australian manufacturing businesses. We are proud world leaders in the services we provide using Databricks. We are ready to support industry to succeed on the global stage in an era of generative AI.

“The next frontier in scaling deep technology innovation and modernising manufacturing is the smart use of data and AI. We are harnessing opportunities to collaborate with our partners to embed Australian deep tech companies and manufacturing businesses in high-value global supply chains,” Professor Stewart said.

Databricks provides a unified data, analytics, and AI platform that simplifies and enhances the processing of data and the application of AI and machine learning models. 

With its data intelligence engine, the platform can understand the semantics of enterprise data unique to each organisation, allowing companies to build their AI models on their private enterprise data.

Manufacturers can integrate and streamline data for a holistic view of the business in real time, helping with decision-making.

The collaboration aims to scale manufacturing businesses by enhancing business and production capabilities and inspiring the creation of new products, services, and business models.

Vice President and Country Manager for Databricks in ANZ, Adam Beavis, said Databricks is committed to AI transformation across all industries.

“With solution accelerators that can speed up results, manufacturing companies can leverage purpose-built guides in LLM models, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimisation, and many more. Our partnership with ARM Hub represents a pivotal step toward integrating AI with other advanced technologies and solutions to create smarter, more efficient manufacturing businesses,” said Beavis. 

The ARM Hub will leverage the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform as part of its new AI-as-a-service, which facilitates easier adoption of data and AI for the manufacturing sector.

Both organisations aim to improve current manufacturing practices and pave the way for new technologies to revolutionise the industry.

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