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Darrell Lea to focus on key products, target supermarkets

Darrell Lea is looking to do away with its less popular items and to make sure its better known products are in major supermarkets by Christmas.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the confection company – which was rescued out of voluntary administration early in September by the Quinn family, owners of VIP Pet Foods – will do away with 600 of its poorer performing items and look to strengthening sales of 200 of its more popular products.

'It was the lesser known products that were dragging the business down,'' Klark Quinn, the youngest son of Tony and Christina Qunn, told the Herald. ''It was very hard choosing what products to keep. But when we looked at it closer, it was obvious.''

The Quinns, who own VIP Petfoods and who purchased the manufacturing and distribution portions of Darrell Lea, decided to close 27 retail stores last month. The Australian Financial Review reported that 83 workers were to remain employed in manufacturing, marketing and distribution, with 418 jobs shed in retail.

Late last month it was reported that IGA supermarkets would begin stocking Darrell Lea. It is currently talking with Coles, Woolworths and other outlets about increasing distribution elsewhere.

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