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Dandenong Aspen Pharmaceuticals workers strike over pay

Workers at Dandenong South’s Aspen Pharmaceuticals continued to strike over the weekend over revised pay and conditions affecting over half the factory’s workforce.

The Springvale Dandenong Leader reports that a 24-hour stop work began at 11 pm on Tuesday, with the employees then locked out on Thursday and Friday.

The dispute over conditions, affecting 160 production line workers and 16 fitters, has been running for over 18 months, according to The Leader. The workers have been offered a decrease by half in their rostered days off a year or wage rises of 3 per cent over three years.

“Workers have held the picket line over the weekend, still fighting for their family time,” the AMWU’s Toby Paterson said.

“The RDOs are about having time to look after their kids or elderly parents.”

The employees have been threatened with having their work sent to South Africa if they did not accept their revised conditions.

The unemployment rate in Greater Dandenong in 12 per cent, well above the Victorian average of 6.6 per cent and the national average of about 6 per cent.


Image: Jason Sammon

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