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Daimler commits to Siemens PLM across global operations

Daimler AG has extended its commitment to Siemens PLM Software and its products for a total of 10 years, pledging to an extensive rollout to replace its current computer-aided design (CAD) environment with NX software.

Daimler manufactures Chrystler and Mercedes-Benz cars.

Siemens PLM’s NX software is a solution for digital product development. 

Daimler will deploy NX for passenger cars by the end of 2015, and for trucks by the end of 2016.

 As part of the worldwide, 10-year agreement, Daimler AG will begin using Siemens PLM Software’s technology in its first vehicle series beginning in 2012. 

Siemens PLM Software will begin enabling Daimler’s network of suppliers beginning July 2011.

Daimler’s objective is to further improve the support of its business processes by implementing a seamlessly integrated CAD suite.

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