Customer choice: Decoding the Motion range

With the sheer volume of products Motion offers – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of SKUs across a wide range of industries – it would be easy for customers to be overwhelmed by choice.

Indeed, one of Motion’s strengths is the ever-growing range of alternatives available for any product, in any application.

But where do customers begin navigating this range, discern one product from another, and identify which one is best suited to their unique needs?

According to Ryan Kendrigan, Executive General Manager – Engineering & Services, Motion is perfectly positioned to help customers work through this process without the stress.

“Motion’s roots are in parts and components supply, but over time we’ve added the technical expertise to be able to help customers apply those products effectively,” Ryan said.

“The next step was the evolution of our service businesses, where we went beyond just applying a product, and into designing, manufacturing, and producing comprehensive solutions.”

Stephen Forbes, Executive General Manager – Motion Fluid Power Solutions, says that it’s a matter of working closely with customers to identify their needs, and drawing on Motion’s wealth of product, application, and industry knowledge to tailor solutions to suit their business priorities.

“Different customers can have vastly different needs,” he said.

“Some want their suppliers to be deeply embedded in their business, as they don’t have their own expertise in our field. Motion can fill that gap for them, working hand-in-glove to come with the right solutions to improve their operations and keep them moving.”

“Other customers place a high value on product choice and availability, as a multi-brand organisation, customers can always rely on Motion to provide options and alternative

To read the full article in Motion’s new interactive magazine, please click here.

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