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Custom-made drives for tough transmission

ALIGNMENT-FREE, heavy-duty drives that cost-effectively integrate motor and gearbox are being custom engineered by Bonfiglioli for low maintenance and high performance in rugged, remote and demanding applications.

The new HD AFD drives — one of the latest of which was engineered for an inclined ship loading coal conveyor in Indonesia — join Bonfiglioli’s expanding range of Australasian-engineered mounting options for specific applications.

The HD AFD combinations, in capacities up to 1722 kW and 150,000 Nm, offer an alternative to laser-aligned baseplate types while allowing the versatile use of close coupled IEC B5 flange mounted motors up to a 315 frame size.

The easily-installed HD AFD drives complement Bonfiglioli’s HD Power Pack drives on base plates and Hi-Torque drives combining HD drives and Trasmital planetaries.

The HD drive combinations are particularly suited to conveyor drives and materials handling applications across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, mineral processing, primary processing, resources, energy and water and wastewater, says Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia) managing director, Malcolm Lewis.

“One of the outstanding flexibility features of our new Australasian production and testing line for HD drives is that we can adapt specific drives to particular applications,” Lewis said.

“The new HDO 110 AFD drive recently completed for an Indonesian mining customer, for example, was custom engineered to be compact, easy to fit and remove, and with motor driving direct to gearbox for optimum performance.

“Durability of the drive is built-in, with alignment-free construction, rigid flange output coupling, forced ventilation, epoxy paint and Taconite protective seals.

“Similar custom-engineered heavy drives are now being installed throughout Australasia and the Asia-Pacific as we expand our leadership role as a major supplier of helical, planetary, worm and frequency inverter drives.”

HD AFD models can save both time and money in a range of applications because there is no need to laser-align the motor and gearbox shafts. In addition to reduced initial costs compared with traditional baseplate designs, the HD AFD configuration enhances serviceability by permitting high speed components to be removed and replaced without the need for re-alignment.

Bonfiglioli’s HD drives series is a totally new generation of large industrial drives engineered to produce outstanding reliability and torque densities to record values, says Lewis.

The drives reportedly feature excellent torque distribution across their entire ratio range, with gear ratios laid out in close progression and the drives having a rugged capacity to cope with the shock and impact of intermittent loads.

Finite Element Analysis and Multi Body Simulations were conducted extensively to identify the stress pattern on each of the main components and to optimise the design for: system structural stiffness; gear geometry; shaft deflection; and extended gear and bearing lifetime.

The drives offer ratios from 7:1 to 500:1, along with reduced noise emissions from fully hardened and ground alloy steel helical and bevel gears to DIN Class 6.

The SG cast iron housings and high grade alloy steel shafts with induction hardened seal journals reportedly ensure greater service life in demanding conditions.

Numerous mounting and shaft options are available, resulting from the HD’s multi-machined case and symmetrical design. Shaft options include hollow keyed bore, single or double solid-keyed, shrink disc and male/female splines on request.

High efficiencies from fully hardened and ground alloy helical and bevel gears in conjunction with premium high speed bearings are said to result in reducers being up to 94% efficient in three-stage form.

Furthermore, superior lubrication is said to be achieved by combining splash lubrication with dedicated galleries and lubricant collection pockets incorporated into the internal walls of the housing and side covers.

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