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CSIRO invites SMEs to turn manufacturing solutions into R&D opportunities

CSIRO  is calling small to medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in advanced manufacturing to apply for a 10-week, self-paced online program designed to transform concepts into R&D opportunities.

‘Innovate to Grow’ was launched in 2020, CSIRO report in four years the free program has equipped over 500 SMEs with the knowledge and tools required to progress their research.

Recently CSIRO announced a $20 million investment to provide SMEs with greater access to vital research and development (R&D) opportunities to accelerate their growth.

The funding will support an additional 600 SMEs through its Innovate to Grow program, starting with an Advanced Manufacturing cohort.

CSIRO’s Director of Manufacturing, Marcus Zipper, explained how CSIRO’s unique position in the research ecosystem drives innovation to advance Australian manufacturing.

“Advanced manufacturing is a vitally important sector, employing over 800,000 people across Australia,” said Zipper.

The ‘Innovate to Grow’ program is designed for companies embarking on early-stage R&D or those venturing into new solutions within advanced manufacturing.

“It’s an exciting area of research and development for CSIRO, and we work collaboratively to connect SMEs with new technologies to improve efficiency, productivity, health, safety and environmental outcomes, while driving prosperity across the manufacturing sector,” said Zipper.

Successful program participants will gain access to expert facilitators and experienced researchers.

Zipper said, “We translate research into products and processes that businesses want to adopt because what we’ve created is economically viable, more efficient and effective, and sustainable.”

Innovate to Grow: Advanced Manufacturing is open to SMEs working in the following sub-sectors:

  • Robotics
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Advanced materials and processes
  • Mechatronics design and engineering
  • Energy storage and battery technology
  • Sensing and detecting technologies
  • Natural products manufacturing
  • Biomedical manufacturing

Connop Metal Founder, Murray Connop, a 2022 Innovate to Grow: Advanced Manufacturing program participant, has made headlines for developing a world-first method of analysing the chemical compositions of PVC to make it recyclable – right here in Australia.

“I wholeheartedly recommend this program to fellow start-ups and small businesses in advanced manufacturing. The invaluable connection to industry experts provided by this program has played a significant role in the success of my project,” said Connop

To learn more and apply for the Innovate to Grow: Advanced Manufacturing program visit CSIRO discover more programs for SMEs.


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