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CSIRO guides Next Generation Graduates through new program

Next Generation Graduates

As part of the CSIRO’s Next Generation Graduates program, 165 university students will work on a range of challenges such as data-centric and machine-driven engineering, smart manufacturing and sensing, and enhancing industry operations through the metaverse. 

More than 75 businesses and universities will support the scholarships awarded under this program. 

CSIRO’s Data61 director, Professor Jon Whittle, said understanding AI and emerging technologies will be an advantage for the next generation of Australian researchers.  

“This program offers university students a unique opportunity to be a part of a multi-disciplinary team and work across industry, research and the university sector,” Whittle said. 

“Students will be solving real-world challenges with industry and research experts as well as a diverse range of other Honours, Masters and PhD students in a truly multidisciplinary environment.”    

$10.4 million from CSIRO’s Next Generation programs will be combined with $5.8 million from industry and university partners to co-fund this first round of student scholarships.   

“The range of universities and industries putting forward submissions for the Next Generation programs shows how ready Australia is for this kind of collaboration,” Whittle said. 

Student enrolments open in May and will be led by partner universities. 

Over the next six years, the Next Generations Graduates programs are expecting to fund at least 480 nationally competitive scholarships to attract and train the next generation of technology specialists.   

CSIRO has estimated that Australian industry will need up to 161,000 new AI specialist and AI savvy workers by 2030.   

The program will build a pipeline of home-grown, job-ready graduates to unlock the immense economic opportunity offered by artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.  

The full list of Next Generation Artificial Intelligence challenges and partners and Next Generation Emerging Technologies challenges and partners can be found on CSIRO’s website.

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