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CSIRO defends against claims it misled Novartis

The CSIRO has rejected reports that it deceived pharmaceutical company Novartis into buying imported anti-counterfeit material.

Fairfax Media reported that in April that a joint venture between the CSIRO and Datadot Technologies, sold chemicals to Novartis to prevent tampering with bottles of Voltaren by criminal syndicates.

It is alleged that tracer chemicals imported from China were sold to Novartis, and these chemicals were imported from China and passed off as custom-made.

Mike Whelan, the CSIRO’s deputy chief executive, told Senate Estimates that the matter was being internally investigated and some preliminary conclusions had been reached.

"There is no evidence that CSIRO deceived or wilfully misled DataTrace or Novartis as to the supply of material," the ABC reports him as telling the Senate.

"The allegation that CSIRO seeked [sic] to capitalise on the alleged deception of Novartis through the sale of CSIRO's interest in DataTrace is also false."

The opposition has been critical of the in-house inquiry that CSIRO is conducting.

“Months after the Government was embarrassed into launching an investigation into these very serious allegations of corruption at CSIRO, we hear today that the investigation is being conducted by none other than CSIRO itself,” said industry spokeswoman Sophie Mirabella yesterday.


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