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CSBP provides the environmental solution

AND the winner is – CSBP for Environmental Solution of the Year, with highly commended awarded to packaging company Amcor and Davey Water Products.

Results of this year’s Endeavour Awards were announced at a ceremony held in Sydney on August 2, which was attended by a record number of finalists and their guests.

The Environmental Solution of the year award (which was sponsored by Atlas Copco) winner CSBP Ltd, has operated in Western Australia for over 90 years and is a major supplier of chemicals, fertilisers and services to the agricultural mining and processing industries.

Management of resources, including water, is critical to the continued success of CSBP, a supplier of chemicals, fertilisers and services to the agricultural mining and processing industries, located in WA.

The company has adopted a “Right Water, Right Purpose” approach which aims to ensure the appropriate grades of water is used for applications on site.

A part of this process involves the reuse and recycle of water within and between its production plants, which has lead to significant water use reductions on site.

In conjunction with BP and others, the company played a major role in the development of the Water Corporation’s Kwinana Water Reclamation Plant (KWRP).

This plant enables the reuse of water from the Woodman Point Treatment Facility for the Kwinana industrial area, which in total saves 5GL per year.

KWRP water is used in two of the company’s cooling towers reducing demand for groundwater.

Infrastructure has also been installed to allow KWRP water to be used in its demineralisation plant, which will enable a reduction in demand for scheme water in this process.

Permeate water from Verve Energy is reused in the company’s demineralisation plant unit and it supplies groundwater from the artesian bores to Tiwest to reduce their reliance on scheme water by approximately 1 GL per year.

The company says its integrated approach to water management has resulted in improved performance and cost savings.

Stephanie Felstead, environmental advisor for CSBP, was thrilled at the company winning the Environmental Solution of the Year Award and said it is recognition of the company’s environmental commitment.

“It is a wonderful privilege to be recognised for the environmental achievements we have reached to date.

“We are very committed to environmental solutions and our water management is a key focus in our business plan, which also incorporates reducing our use of town water and waste,” she said.

Highly commended

Amcor is a global packaging company, producing corrugating mediums and liners for corrugated box manufacture.

The raw material is 100% recycled fibre, with some 270,000t per year of waste paper collected by the company for its Botany Mill paper recycling facility.

Around 250,000t of recycled fibre board is then supplied to corrugated box manufacturers in Australia and overseas.

In December last year, the company commissioned a new steam raising plant which differed from the old plant in several key ways.

These included the addition of four package boilers, and the installation of a water treatment technology to treat bore water for boiler plant supply.

As a result of these initiatives, the site is now saving around an extra 200 million litres of water per year and the project is one of the first in Sydney to be completed with assistance in funding from the NSW governments DEUS water savings fund.

The Botany plant is now recycling 85-90% of its total water supply and has significantly reduced energy use and waste to landfill.

Peter Nystrom, senior process engineer for Amcor said the company had been on the site for a long time -100 years or so- with the level of activity on site providing plenty of opportunities for the company to implement environmental, safety and energy reduction schemes.

“We have put a lot of focus on safety and environmental in the last two and three years improving the processes.

“It is now part of our safety culture, with everybody on the site responsible,” he said.

Highly commended

Rainwater run-off from large factory roofs provide an excellent alternative water source and Davey Water Products has initiated one of the first commercial rainwater harvesting projects on its own factory roof to demonstrate the potential for this approach to being water-wise in an industrial setting.

The rainwater run-off can be substituted for potable water in factory processes and human services and the company installed 150,000L of storage in three above-ground fibreglass rainwater tanks servicing all facets of the business.

Water is delivered to the metal powder coating pre-treatment line using a horizontal multi-stage pump.

The factory, office washrooms and toilets are provided with filtered rainwater via the company’s own filtration systems.

Turning to their own experience with capturing rainwater, the company installed the system over several months in late 2006 and it was fully operational in February this year.

Water meters placed on the system show that the company is able to replace 100% of the demand for the factory and toilets while there is rainwater captured and are less likely to exhaust storage tanks if no significant rainfall is received over an infinite period of time.

Richard van Waard, the company’s NSW manager said the award was very significant for the company.

“Being commended in this category shows we are serious about reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact, which is what we need to do as an industry and as a country.”

“I think all the other winners showed that there is a range of products and solutions that can be implemented to do this,” van Waard said.

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