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Creating safer workplaces

SO, you’ve got your safety systems in place and staff are trained in emergency response, but what actually happens when accidents occur?

Are reports filed? Are records maintained? Are staff properly informed?

Many companies have written safety procedures and trained staff, but when an incident occurs procedures are not always followed correctly or equipment is not used properly.

Unlimited Spaces provides the Safety Space OHS Workstation and Activity Station range to improve safety compliance and make it easier for busy supervisors, managers and staff to fulfil their legal safety responsibilities.

Companies with mature safety systems often use behaviour-based programs to improve safety performance, as it is well known that many injuries occur due to unsafe behaviours rather than unsafe conditions.

Frequent safety activities raise safety awareness, which in turn reduces unsafe behaviours, thus reducing incidents and injuries.

Workplace safety is too important to relegate to the back of an office — put safety back where the action is – with a Safety Space.

The company says the OHS workstation and activity stations are ideal to hold toolbox talks, discuss team safety issues and as a Health and Safety Reps “office”.

Display safety performance indicators, conduct incident investigations, do staff inductions and coordinate safety information. ]

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