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CRC expands adhesives range

Seven new adhesives have joined the CRC range.

Produced by ADOS, the range include the CRC F2 Multi-Purpose Contact Adhesive, the CRC F3 Non-Drip Contact Adhesive, CRC PVC Pipe Cement, CRC Multipurpose Spray Adhesive, CRC Ultra High Strength Aerosol Adhesive, CRC Stuff Off Adhesive Remover, and the CRC MS High Performance Adhesive sealant.

“As a leader in specialty adhesives for the maintenance and repair professional, CRC Industries Australia is very excited to be able to introduce these well-respected adhesive products to the Australian market,” said CRC Industries Australia managing director, Murray Walbran.

According to Walbran, this range of adhesives extends the CRC range to include contact adhesives and pipe cement for almost any use-case.

Founded in New Zealand, 60 years, ago, ADOS is a manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, and fillers. In 1996, CRC bought ADOS and has distributed their products in Australia ever since.

The product range includes the PVC Pipe Cement, which can ‘weld’ bond PVC and PVC rigid pipes, fittings, sheeting, and components.

The CRC Ultra High Strength Aerosol Adhesive provides a high heat resistance of up to 75°C.

As a remover for vertical applications, the CRC Stuff Off Adhesive Remover is ideal, according to CRC, as it can soften or dissolve most adhesives and paints.

As a sealant, the MS High Performance Adhesive Sealant has primer-less adhesion to all materials widely used in engineering industries.

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