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A CPQ Solution For Lean Sales

It’s a lean world. Businesses expect sales teams to deliver more results in less time than ever before. They require them to generate more leads faster, turn leads into opportunities faster and to close deals faster as well. Customers are even more demanding. Error-free products and favourable terms are no longer enough. Near instant delivery can be the difference between getting the order and coming in second. In a lean environment, every order is critical.

Effective sales automation tools enable sales teams to thrive in this highly competitive, pressurised environment– tools like Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software and Customer Relationship Management packages. Customers require these tools to be omni-channel across tablet, desktop, mobile or laptop, and simple to use. Customers that use CPQ software should be able to access product with details, pricing and models before they make the commitment to buy.

However, not all CPQ software can provide this lean customer experience. Effective CPQ solutions for lean sales require a number of key elements.

  1. They deliver product that actually meets consumer wants and needs

Every customer is unique. Every product application is different. Assumptions assure failure. CPQ assures that product specified matches the customer’s needs perfectly.

  1. Effective CPQ software ensures the product is priced correctly

CPQ software enables the sales representative to produce a complete, easy-to-follow description of what is being purchased and how it is priced. Invoices are matched to proposals, making it easy to confirm that what has been billed matches what was delivered.

  1. Effective CPQs for lean sales meet delivery expectations

CPQs for lean sales ensure special delivery and packaging requirements are included in the quote that is given to the customer. Knowing the full extent of the customer’s expectations should extend beyond the product itself. CPQ software for lean sales looks at the entire customer experience as a quality indicator as well as an indicator of the performance of the sales team itself.

  1. Informing the manufacturer of customer specifications before production

CPQ for lean sales automatically notifies operations and product scheduling of a pending order. Requirements notices are also sent upstream to facilitate any special needs from the supply chain. The production process is scheduled, materials are ordered and delivery dates are confirmed.

  1. Effective CPQ for lean sales provides assurance of product quality

If the manufacturer knows about any customer specifications for the product build beforehand, quality is assured. Also, defects are fewer because the production line is anticipating the unique product specifications. For example, a four percent failure rate for a component may seem reasonable to a manufacturer but absolutely not acceptable to a customer. A lean CPQ should enshrine quality in the building process so there is no failure of the product or its components.

Cincom’s CPQ solution for lean sales

Cincom’s CPQ solution is a multi-channel guided selling platform that helps sales representatives and sales teams provide tailored product solutions to customers through an efficient, lean sales process. The platform allows sales teams expedite fulfilment, accelerate sales cycles and ultimately increase sales.

This unique platform includes a Product Configurator, which can be integrated into a company’s ERP, CRM, e-commerce and engineering applications; quoting software that can be programmed to use the Microsoft Dynamics business systems or the existing Cincom CPQ Sales Portal; and a Document & Proposal Generator which allows sales people and teams to generate quotes using a diverse range of templates.

To find out more about the Cincom CPQ Solution, click here.

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