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“Country to company” missions key to Australian SME growth: Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council

(The below is a statement from the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council.)

“Country to company” trade and investment delegations
would increase Australian access to global value chains

businesses would benefit enormously if Government trade and investment
strategies focused more on “country to company” facilitation, the Chairman of
the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council, Mr John Pollaers, said today.

dominance of small and medium sized enterprises in Australia means some of the
biggest opportunities for Australian business growth will come from supplying
large multinational companies’ global value chains,” Mr Pollaers said.

opportunity for Australian companies – advanced manufacturers and service
providers alike – is enormous,” Mr Pollaers said.

at the Hannover Fair, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology,
Mr Pollaers said SMEs could learn a great deal from understanding the strategic
pathways of global industrial giants.

are these companies expanding? What are the new sectors, new
technologies, new markets they are focusing on? What are the problems
they are trying to solve?

understanding this will give Australian companies an edge,” he said.
“This has become very apparent during the Hannover Fair.

our trade and investment facilitators have taken groups of business people on
“country to country” missions. There is a good case for saying “country
to company” missions should also be strongly supported,” he said.

is doing some great work in increasing access for Australian SMEs into global
value chains. This would give that strategy critical support.”

the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council

Australian Advanced
Manufacturing Council
is a CEO-led private sector initiative
pursuing Australian success in advanced manufacturing. The AAMC brings
together industry leadership to drive innovation success and resilience in the
Australian economy.

Members represent the creative and driving energy behind successful
transformations of Australian brands and companies, large and small, as well as
global giants in industry.


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