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Country of origin logo achieves success for Australian exporters

Results of research commissioned by Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) shows its logo has a positive impact on the export sales of products displaying the mark.

The AMAG logo appears to have contributed to this success with nearly 75% of licensees who export using the AMAG logo to help sell their goods.

Ian Harrison, Chief Executive of AMAG says the research found that AMAG licensees primarily used the AMAG logo in export markets to differentiate their product and to highlight its ‘Australianness’. They rated the AMAG logo as the third most important selling point after quality and price.

“The [Roy Morgan] survey findings are encouraging because they clearly show that AMAG licensees are active and successful exporters who have a good understanding of how the logo can assist in selling their products.

“They recognise that the logo sends a signal to consumers in markets everywhere, from Bangkok to Berlin, Canberra to Chicago, that their product is Australian,” said Harrison.

Despite the global economic downturn, 38% of AMAG licensees who display the green and gold logo experienced an increase in their export markets in the last 12 months, 41% remained stable with no change and only 16% experienced a decrease.

The top five export markets that AMAG licensees export to are (in order): New Zealand (40%), United States of America (31%), UK/England (25%) and China (16%), with Japan and Singapore (15%) sharing the fifth spot.

“The future is positive for AMAG licensees. Current export activity is strong and there is clear intention to increase export sales in current and new markets.

“If 70% of licenses carry out their intention to participate in our future export promotions, there is still much more success to be realized,” said Harrison.

More information about the AMAG Campaign and the logo can be found at

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