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Cost-efficient nitrogen supply

ATLAS Copco Compressor has launched the full range of its PSA NG nitrogen generators. This flexible on-site nitrogen generation system completes Atlas Copco’s compressed air solution.

The NG range consists of seven models. Nitrogen flow starts at 1.3m3/h and goes up to 130m³/h with a purity ranging from 97% to 99.999%. All models are equipped with an electronic panel interface, which enables customers to monitor their system.

Based on the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, Atlas Copco’s NG provide a continuous flow of nitrogen at desired purity. By using carbon molecular sieves (CMS), oxygen is selectively separated while continuous nitrogen production is ensured.

Compared to using other nitrogen gas sources such as gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen, Atlas Copco’s NG nitrogen generators make nitrogen transport unnecessary and offer a cost-saving alternative.

Thanks to their modular design, NG nitrogen generators can be used in parallel for the most cost-efficient solution. Should a customer require extra capacity at a certain point, modules can easily be added.

The modular design makes the exact supply of nitrogen possible, which prevents overproduction and reduces the customer’s energy use to a minimum.

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