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Project: Industrial LED Projector CP96

LOCATED in Oakleigh, Victoria, Coolon specialises in LED lighting solutions for industrial and architectural applications.

The company’s CP96 high power LED projector is said to be the first of its kind. It has a uniquely designed case incorporating very efficient heat sink.

All mechanical and electrical elements have been carefully engineered and tested to ensure that all operating conditions for the high power LEDs meet specifications for all operating conditions.

On-board intelligent circuitry monitors operation of each individual LED and eliminates the potential for catastrophic failures.

The protector’s CP96 LED fittings have low surface temperature (typically up to 65°C during operation) which prevents dirt baking onto the surface and enables easy maintenance and cleaning.

This lower temperature also increases the safety of the system particularly in explosive environments where there is a danger of an explosion caused by ignition or heat.

Main features include: cool operating temperature; suitability for explosive environments, high colour rendering, daylight colours, zero stroboscopic effects, no mercury or lead; instant power ON etc. The company is currently on the world-wide distribution of the product.

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