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Cool or Cosy acquires solar panel manufacturer Tindo

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Australian energy solutions company Cool or Cosy has bought Tindo, Australia’s only solar panel manufacturer.

 Cool or Cosy CEO Glenn Morelli has plans to expand Tindo’s Mawson Lakes factory. According to Morelli, a 400 square metre expansion will create at least ten more jobs and significantly increase manufacturing capacity. 

The CEO has also expressed interest in being involved in the SA government’s project to build Australia’s largest battery.

He said the recent problems with energy security in South Australia have generated interest in battery storage.

“SAPN (SA Power Networks) have some issues and it’s been a difficult market,” he told The Advertiser.

“The blackouts have really spiked interest in battery storage and we have solutions for that and want to be part of it.”

Tindo’s previous owner, Adrian Ferraretto, expressed ‘mixed feelings’ about selling the business due to the amount of support it was receiving at the time of sale. According to Ferraretto, the business was busy, which “shows how Australians are supporting Tindo and supporting Australian-made”.

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